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Sono-Disco is a full time professional mobile disco based in Trois-Rivieres.

With an 15 yrs experienced DJ behind the wheels, 2 different size shows including karaoke option, this show will not be beat!
Sono-Disco is run by DJ Simon D. King. It is available in a variety of different shapes andenglish dj trois-rivieres sizes, from small to large light show, small to extremely large PA, or just max everything. All the lights used for this disco are known as ‘Intelligent’ lighting effects, this means they can be connected together so they synchronize with each other automatically, producing same colours and movements across all lights in time to the music, resulting in an absolutely stunning effect. They are very bright and give a night club feel to the entertainment, but are also directional so can be aimed away from your guest’s eyes during the early part of an evening.

The ‘Regular’ Setup.

The ‘Regular’ setup is fine for all small to average size venues like pub and hotel function rooms, village halls and even private addresses, anywhere the capacity isn’t over 150 people. Sono-Disco in ‘Regular’ size is a very good quality show at a very affordable price. It combines 2 large PA speakers on stands (1100 Watts each)1 Subwoofer and 2 ‘Intelligent’ lighting effects and Pioneer Controler.

The ‘Deluxe’ Setup.
The ‘Deluxe’ setup combines 4 or 6 PA speakers, 2 or 4 as mentioned above, plus two extra bass units (3000 watts each)If booked with 6 speakers the extra 2 can be placed further up a large venue as full range units providing fill-in sound. The inclusion of subs and fill-in units will not only produce more volume and punch (if needed) but a lot cleaner sound quality. The ‘Deluxe’ show comes with anything up to 5‘Intelligent’ lighting effects to produce a truly spectacular light show, and we always promise that music volume will be kept to what our customer believes to be an acceptable level x Turbosound IX12 Active Speaker on stands 1100W each x 18” 3000W EV Subwoofer with built in cross over-unit.

This extra speakers option will not only provide additional volume, only used if required, but will also reduce the work required by the top speakers resulting in improve overall sound quality.

All size discos are available with a bubble or smoke machine and your DJ comes fully armed with a selection of skills to entertain your guests, such as balloon modeling, ideal for keeping the younger members happy during the early part of a function, confident microphone usage for announcements and adding some life to your function, and of course a large selection of good music to cover almost every style imaginable.

Beat mixing also comes included for no extra charge, which means you get all the classics from 60’s to present day smoothly mixed to maintain dance floor activity, and this of course being a must have requirement for any function where House, Garage or Drum and Bass maybe required! (Although only played on customer request.) Not just music.
We always try to supply the customer with more than just music at our discos. We entertain EVERYONE at our events, and make the evening as fun as possible for all attending. Balloon modeling as mentioned already can involve making hats for adults as well as animals for the kids, and there are also some games that can be organised involving the balloons (adults only!)
Plus we always bring a few props like our YMCA hats.
Don’t tell your guests but they may well be involved with the ‘Cabaret’ if you desire. All the extras on offer are only used at your discretion.
If you want a pleasant dance-able evening with an unobtrusive DJ and Disco we can do this just as well!
The choice is yours.